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From the main road, head up Burnside towards Newburgh.

If you’re not sure how to find Auchtermuchty or Burnside to begin with click here for directions.

Burnside is the wide street with the Burnside Garage, the newsagents and the Cycle Tavern and, funnily enough, the burn alongside.

Fork left at the White House and go up Mournipea.

(Yes, Auchtermuchty has its own White House and yes we do have funny street names!)

Go straight on up Mournipea and on up the hill.

This is a picture of Mournipea in days long ago but you’ll still recognise it.

Reediehill is situated up in the hills just north of Auchtermuchty, at the edge of Pitmedden Forest.
There’s always someone here, even if John and Nichola are away, and we’re always pleased to meet customers, both new and old!
Some of our new friends and customers have trouble finding us so we’ve compiled this easy to follow guide which will not only help you find your way to Reediehill but will also show you some of the interesting things to see on the way.

This is an old picture of Burnside.

As you can see, apart from all the cars, it hasn’t changed much!

The White House hasn’t changed much either.

Mournipea today.
The houses have been brightened up and there are cars and wheely-bins but otherwise nothing’s changed.

You just keep right on up the hill until you come to the farm road (about 1.5 miles).

However some of our visitors give up before they get as far as Reediehill so here are some of the things you’ll see to reassure you that you’re on the right road.

As the edge of the forest you’ll see the Clink car park on your right.

This is a very popular spot for walkers, with or without dogs, and mountain bikers.

Keep straight on up the road!

You’re here!

And we’re open!

Keep on up the hill and down the other side and then you’ll see the farm road end.

Reediehill Deer Farm, Auchtermuchty, Fife, KY14 7HS
Telephone: 01337 828369 Fax: 01337 827001 E-Mail: [email protected]