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Please note that we can only supply venison within the United Kingdom

Ordering & Payment
Please browse through our products below and select those you require.

When you have completed your order, click the “Check Out” button and enter your name, address and telephone number into the Order Form.

Once you have placed your order through the secure server, you will receive an automatic confirmation. Your order is then sent to us by email and we check that all the details are in order. We always then confirm your order personally, so if you do not receive a personal acknowledgement within 24 hours, please telephone.

£12 per order or FREE on orders over £125.
Or you can order your venison here and collect it from our farm shop.

If you haven’t bought from us before please read this essential information and frequently asked questions:- click here

Books are delivered free when ordered with venison.


Please note that because we cannot cut meat to an exact size, all weights given here are approximate. Therefore the amount taken from your credit card will vary slightly from the total given in your shopping basket. A detailed receipt will be issued with your order.

We have tried to make our price list as flexible as possible to provide you with maximum choice. If you don’t see what you want, or would rather have a different size to what we offer here, then please email us or telephone us on 01337 828369 and we will be happy to oblige.

Shoulder, boned and rolled
Popular for roasting or braising, and splendidly lean, so less shrinkage.
1.5 – 4 lbs / 650g – 1.75kg
£15.78 per kg £7.04 per lb

Shoulder, on the bone
A reasonable priced very lean joint. Superb to pot roast or braise.
2 – 8 lbs / 900g – 3.5kg
£9.98 per kg £4.45 per lb

Haunch, boned and rolled
A tender prime roasting joint, suitable for any number.
1.5 – 9 lbs / 650g – 4 kg 
£19.00 per kg
£8.47 per lb
“I can’t tell you how thrilled my husband & I (and various guests!) are with the venison which we received from you earlier this month. We shall certainly be placing another order.” Sheila Lockhart, Harrow

Haunch, on the bone
The traditional feasting joint. Ideal for feeding large numbers. Price depends on bone.
2-15lbs / 900g – 6.5kg
£16.07 – £18.21 per kg (£7.17 – £8.13 per lb)

I’m writing to tell you how much the whole family enjoyed the haunch of venison and that we voted unanimously to replace turkey with it for next Christmas!  Many thanks, not only for the quality of the meat but also for the cooking instructions which I followed exactly and which I believe, had a lot to do with the results.”
Jennifer Morris, Tranwell Woods

Boneless Sirloin Roast
A tender slim joint, suitable for quick cooking.
12oz – 2.5lbs / 350g – 1.1kg
£30.65 per kg (£13.68 per lb)
“Many thanks for the parcel recently delivered, very prompt & very well packed, my friend & I were very impressed and delighted with contents.”
Mrs Manley, Chelmsford 
Saddle Roast on the bone
With its regular shape and tender meat, saddle of venison needs no introduction.
2 – 8 lbs / 990g – 3.5kg
£21.54 per kg (£9.61 per lb)
222 Casserole (chopped shoulder)
Tender cut with many uses. Same cooking time as beef.
£11.17 per kg (£4.99 per lb)
213 Steak & Kidney Mix
As above, with delicious kidney added.
£11.73 per kg (£5.23 per lb)
Click the picture for Nichola’s tip on casseroles
Stew (chopped shin)

Good for slow or overnight cooking. Has a firm texture, good for freezing once cooked.
£9.85 per kg (£4.39 per lb)
3260 Marinated Casserole
Casserole marinated in red wine, olive oil, orange juice, spirits, and a slug of our homemade Rowan Jelly. Proportions are by weight, ¼ marinade with ¾ casserole.
£12.54 per kg (£5.60 per lb)
Osso Buco

Very thick slices of shin with the marrow bone attached. Marvellous for long slow flavoursome cooking. The weight of each slice can vary greatly but there will be 2-3 slices per 500g/lb.
£9.57 per kg (£4.27 per lb)
Topside or Silverside Steaks

Good for grilling, sauteeing or barbecueing, these steaks are fine grained and tender.
4 – 12 oz / 110 – 350g
£19.67 per kg (£8.78 per lb)
Topside or Silverside Steaks
Medallions (sirloin steak)
These tiny steaks are exquisite, 3 – 4oz / 85 – 110g each, and normally ½” thick, ideal for quick cooking.
£30.65 per kg (£13.68 per lb)
Shoulder Steaks
Small steaks suitable for either flash frying or braising.
3 – 5oz / 85 – 130g each
£16.34 per kg (£7.29 per lb)
Click the picture for Nichola’s tip on cooking venison steaks
219 Whole Fillets (Filet Mignon)
Venison fillets are tiny (10oz – 1¼lbs/280 – 550g) but are unsurpassed for texture. State total weight needed.
£32.50 per kg (£14.50 per lb)
“Our venison fillets were superb and your advice to cut my cooking time and let them rest was spot on – a great success with our guests ……. we found your service was efficient, helpful and friendly and your product quite excellent.” Jackie Hogg, Glasgow
225 Haunch Fillets
Similar in shape to the Filet Mignon and, though not quite so finely textured, cooks beautifully.
8 – 12oz / 225 – 350g
£29.72 per kg (£13.26 per lb)
Chops (cutlets)
Same meat as medallions so they are tender and the bone is neatly trimmed.
4 – 8oz / 110 – 225g each
£17.51 per kg (£7.81 per lb)
Venison Mince
Very lean – good for terrines and raised pies. Plenty of scope for the inventive cook.
£8.99 per kg (£4.00 per lb)
Venison Liver
Very sweet. Wonderful sautéed or in pâtés. State size of pack, and whether you would like it whole or sliced.
£12.91 per kg (£5.76 per lb)
Seriously Good SausagesTHE SERIOUSLY GOOD SAUSAGE COLLECTIONDescribed on Radio 4’s Food Programme as having a “wonderfully savage flavour”.Unless otherwise requested, we pack these in 1lb (450g) packs, 10-12 sausages.
These are processed products with no preservatives. Use or freeze within 7 days.
Original Venison
Made from venison, some pork fat, oatmeal and our own spice mix – very filling!
£8.85 per kg (£3.95 per lb)
Click the picture for Nichola’s hints on sausages
Venison and Wild Boar
The mixture is lightly marinated, giving a richer flavour, this is our most popular sausage.
£8.85 per kg (£3.95 per lb)
Spiced Venison
A slightly middle-eastern spice, not too overwhelming, but punchy all the same.
£8.85 per kg (£3.95 per lb)
Venison, Garlic and Red Wine
Just as they sound – tailor made for lovers of the stinking rose!
£8.85 per kg (£3.95 per lb)
Venison with Sweet Peppers
We use red, green and yellow peppers, and the flavour really comes through.
£8.85 per kg (£3.95 per lb)
Venison with Fresh Tomatoes
These go well with the stronger-flavoured sausages, and are a favourite with children.
£8.85 per kg (£3.95 per lb)
Venison with Whisky
A slightly different mix containing a little onion to complement the whisky. Arthur Bell described them as “Dram Good”!
£8.85 per kg (£3.95 per lb)
Venison Haggis Supreme
Based on a Victorian recipe, it is meaty, extremely delicious, and easy to serve.
Approx 1lb/450g
£10.75 per kg (£4.79 per lb)
Baby Haggises

We developed these for a local hotel as an individual starter served with whisky – instant success!
6-pack weighs approx. 12oz / 375g
£14.35 per kg (£6.40 per lb)
Venison Supper Pies

Small raised pies, like a highly superior mutton pie, delicious hot or coldApprox. £1.40 each.
Venison Olives
Thin slices of steak wrapped around a tasty stuffing.
Packs of 4 weigh approximately 120z / 350g
£17.98 per kg (£8.02 per lb)
Spiced Venison Parcels
Lightly spiced venison is mixed with spinach and parsley, then wrapped in a puff pastry parcel all ready to pop in the oven or freeze. Packs of 4 weigh approximately 1¼lbs / 550g
£19.16 per kg (£8.55 per lb)
Raised Game Pie Mix

Make your own raised pie with our ready marinated filling of minced venison, wild boar and spices. Comes with full instructions.
£9.59 per kg (£4.28 per lb)
 Raised Pie
The Original Veniburgers
Our nationally famous burgers are made with venison, parsley, oatmeal and our secret spices.
Packs of 4 x 3oz/80gApproximate Pack price: £3.93

Haunches are cured in salt, sugar and spices (like gravadlax), then thinly sliced and interleaved. Number of slices vary, but 10-14 is the usual range, Serve with olive oil, shavings of whole Parmesan, and rocket leaves.
100g pack £4.60
Oak Smoked Venison
Made for us in Aberfeldy from cured haunch meat, this is oak smoked and sliced ready to eat. Approx. 8 slices per pack.
Contains a small amount of preservative.
100g pack £4.70
Hand Made Products
Click the picture for Nichola’s advice on hand-made venison products
Wild Rowan Jelly
No apples or other extenders are used, so this is a powerfully flavoured but lightly set jelly, excellent with any game or lamb
110g jar £1.85
225g jar £2.75
Juniper Berries
A traditional spice for cooking with venison, often difficult to find. Good with lamb too.
25g bag 80p
There is no postage on books if ordered with venison.
Game for All 
by Nichola Fletcher.
“A breath of fresh air…”, “Intelligent suggestions about variations…could change your cooking forever” – Country Life
Paperback £12.99  
Perfect Venison
A fine little booklet containing recipes donated by deer farmers and chefs – a good mixture
“Fletcher’s Game”
by Dr. T. John Fletcher
“John Fletcher is that rare animal, a passionate enthusiast who never bores. He tells the story with wit and style.” Derek Cooper, BBC Radio 4£9.99

Remember, orders over £125 are carriage-free
– why not share an order with a friend?


Carriage is by overnight courier, guaranteed delivered before noon the next day. Some areas of the Highlands are, we regret, an exception out of our control and we offer a next day delivery service here. Offshore islands have different arrangements and are charged at cost. Although there is no minimum order for our venison, there is a set carriage charge. Larger orders (over £120) come carriage free, so why not consider making a joint order with friends to take advantage of the carriage free offer? For small orders we can sometimes use first class post. However, though reliable, this is not a guaranteed service so we recommend using our carriers. Do feel free to ask us for details and costs.

IMPORTANT: Because our carriers need a signature on delivery there must be someone available to sign for the parcel. Please tell us which day you would like us to deliver before noon, and ensure that there is someone in until the parcel is delivered. If your parcel has not arrived by 12 noon, please telephone us so that we can sort out the problem. If we cannot deliver on your chosen date we will telephone you to arrange an alternative. If it is more convenient, we can deliver your order to a friend or to a work address, but please make sure that they are expecting it and know to stay in.
If you have any queries, please write, telephone or email us at any time – we are here to help.