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John & Nichola FletcherJohn Fletcher supervises the herd of red deer which graze free-range on the farm.
John is a specialist vet renowned for his work with deer.
John & Nichola Fletcher’s 25 years of experience with deer and venison of all kinds provides a unique resource of specialised information which they have dedicated to the production of the very best possible venison.Fletchers has opted to stay as a small family business which offers its customers a completely personal service.John Fletcher
Nichola & TV crewNichola Fletcher runs the venison side of the business.
The author of several books on venison and game, she lectures and demonstrates her skills all over the world, both to the general public and to specialist colleges.Nichola has featured in many media articles as well as on radio and TV, appearing with Lloyd Grossman, Jancis Robinson, on Derek Cooper’s “Food Programme”, and Radio 4’s “On Your Farm” breakfast programme with Oliver Watson.
Barry Burns
Barry Burns and his team cut and prepare your venison.
Barry Burns
Barry started working for Fletchers 15 year ago, and uses traditional butchery methods such as hand-tying joints, combined with modern techniques such as vacuum packing to ensure food safety.
Gillian Winterborn looks after our accounts and, when you phone us it’s sometimes Gillian who answers the telephone.Gillian has her own accounting business in Auchtermuchty and doesn’t like being photographed!

Outside, tending the deer, are Ian Ronaldson and Magnus Doull.

Here Ian is hand feeding potatoes to Thistle but she’s far more interested in Magnus’s sweets!
Not all our deer are fed by hand but Thistle is our tamest deer and she’s a bit special.
“I’d much rather have some sweets please Magnus!”
Sometimes we give guided tours around the farm for pre-booked parties.If you have a group that would like to see round a working deer farm please click here for details.